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2013-09-13 14:10:17 944 pick and carry hydrualic problem

We have a 944 pick and carry "rubber tires" instead of tracks that we are having issues with, the problem is, when we go to run dual functions at the same time, the motor bogs down and sometimes quits. We did all the basics, air filter, hydrualic filters, turbo boost valve and even turbo, we are at 100% horse power, but when you go to travel "forward or reverse" and step on it, it bogs down and then seems to take off, by dual load i mean if the blade is all the way up and the grabbing clam attachment is open, if we go to raise the blade up when its already up and open clam when its already open, you know to put a load on pumps, when each is done seperately its ok, but when both together you can hear what sounds like a pump squeeling after about 15 seconds of dual loads. I'm looking at pilot control block, the other mechanic said he replaced y50 already, and was curious if Y3 would cause this or possibly if a hydrualic pump regulator itself is bad? Any ideas, help would be much appreciated!



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