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Annaburger HTS33C.04 Spreading Paper Crumble

Annaburger HTS33C.04 Teleliner Spreader. One of 2 supplied to Greenworld Sales Ltd of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, for spreading 250000 tons of Paper Crumble annually. The Teliner sides can be hydraulically raised and lowered to match the spreader volume, to the density of the material being handled. The running gear for this spreader includes Tri Axels with 2 steering axels and a lift up front axel. Hydraulic suspension on axles, and drawbar, with six Michelin 800/45R x 30.5 Cargo X-BIB tyres giving superb load ground pressure at 15 psi. The spreader is seen here spreading 25 ton loads of paper crumble at 24m spread width. Applying 25 tons/ha at over 8km/hour, it gives a very even spread pattern. First comments from Greenworld's operations manager Chris Legg were, he was very pleased with the even spread pattern at the forward speed of over 8km/hour and the outstanding ride quality of the spreader, due to its suspension system and tyre equipment, behind their new JD 8345 tractors.

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