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Mammoet PTC Model

some pics of the upcoming facinating model in April. This is the mammoet ptc contenireized crane. You can transport the crane in containers. Mammoet developed the world's largest mobile crane, the PTC. With all 88 parts the size of a container, the PTC can travel wherever containers can, all across the world. Benefits Faster transportation via road, rail & sea Lower transportation costs Protection in harbours (less damage). PTC means: Platform Twinring Conteinerized MSG80 means: Mammoet Slingin Gantry Lift capacity 1600t. Click here for more specifications All over the world 4 PTC's are operational. They are named after the Dutch Royals. PTC I: Beatrix (1999 Double Stacked 2006) PTC II: Maxima (2001) PTC III: Amalia (2005) PTC IV: Alexia (2007 Double Stacked) Capacity: 1.600t (at mainboom of 80 meters and 20 meters radius) Minimum mainboom: 67 meter Maximum mainboom: 134 meters Minimum jib: 27,5 meters Maximum capacity jib with: 80 meters mainboom and 27 meters jib:1350t at 20 meters radius Maximum jib: 99 meters Runnercapacity: 45t Ballast: 1.600 ton Diameter ring: 21,5 meters Rotation: 360° Minimum parts: 88 Building time: two weeks Here are some web pages where you can buy it or if you want more information of the crane: http http http



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